Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Stories From the 1950 Census ~ Uncle Stanley in Philadelphia

At first, we didn't know exactly where Uncle Stanley lived when the 1950 federal census enumeration took place. It could have been Philadelphia or New Jersey.

Stanley's sister, my mother-in-law, was able to remember the street name which helped me identify the enumeration district where I paged through looking for her brother.

Stanley and his English bride, Betty, were living at 26 Robinson Street, Philadelphia, next to a cousin of his mother's, Albert Nappen. 

Albert's father was Barnett Napadensky and his mother was Hannah Segal. I have shared their family information from earlier censuses at Napadensky Family becomes Nappen Family.

Stanley served in WWII in Europe and met his wife, Betty, while recovering in England from injuries. They married in England in December 1945.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Stories From the Census ~ Bubbie Lena in 1950

I have not had any luck finding my late father-in-law, Harry Handler, in the 1950 census. It is believed that he had moved from his hometown of Akron, Ohio, to live in the Atlantic City, New Jersey, area where his oldest brother, Arthur had moved in the late 1930s. But I can't find Uncle Arthur and his family either.

In 1940, Harry was living with his parents and other siblings in Akron, and Arthur, his wife, and two daughters, were living in Ventnor, New Jersey.

I thought perhaps Harry had returned to Akron, and I easily found Harry's mother, known to my husband as Bubbie Lena, living, as expected, at 557 Rhodes Avenue, in Akron. Harry was not living with her.

1950 U.S. census, Summit County, Ohio, Akron, ED 89-141, sheet 8, line 3, household 76 (Lena Handler); U.S. National Archives, 1950 Census (

Lena lived in apartment 2 in this building. She was a 59-year-old Hungarian-born widow and a naturalized citizen. The "H" in column 15, asking what she did in the past week, indicated that she was keeping house.

She was one of five on the page asked the supplemental questions, which in her case, provided some interesting information.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Stories From the Census ~ One Goldstein Family in 1950

My husband's mother and grandparents were relatively easy to find in the recently-released 1950 U.S. census because I knew exactly where they lived: Woodbine, Cape May County, New Jersey.

They had been living there since just before 1930 and I have previously shared this family's 1930 and 1940 census records.

The Goldstein family lived at 517 Jackson Avenue in Woodbine. Morris was 53 years old, born in Romania and was a naturalized citizen. His occupation was "Examining Coats" at a Mens Garment Factory.  He spent 40 hours working during the prior week.

Rose, age 48 and born in New Jersey, reported that in the last week, most of her work was "H" indicating housekeeping. The following columns tell us that she didn't work outside the home in the prior week, but she was looking for work and her usual occupation was "Trims hats" in a Hat Factory.

23-year-old Anita, born in New York, had worked 40 hours the previous week as a Bookkeeper in a Hat Factory, which is a story she has shared with the family.

1950 U.S. census, Cape May County, New Jersey, Woodbine, ED 5-49, sheet 25, lines 11-13, household 223 (Morris Goldstein family); U.S. National Archives, 1950 Census (

You might notice numerical codes written in on the right-hand-columns. These were added later. The Steve Morse website has a page, Deciphering Occupation Codes, which can help you determine what these numbers mean. (If the occupation or industry is illegible, this tactic might help you identify what your relative did for work!) 

For both Rose and Morris:

Occupation Code of 690 represented "Operatives and kindred workers (n.e.c.)" [not elsewhere classified]

Industry Code of 448 represented "Apparel and accessories"

Class Code of 1 represented "Working for private employer (P)"

For Anita, who worked as a Bookkeeper in a Hat Factory, her Occupation Code of 310 represented "Bookkeepers".

Rose was asked additional sample questions. As the third respondent on this page to be asked the supplemental questions, hers are the third response below. She reported that both her parents were born in Russia and that she completed 8th grade.

Rose worked 15 weeks during 1949 and made $500. In response to "how much money did he receive from interest, dividends, veteran's allowances, pensions, rents or other income," it looks like she reported something, then reported "None." However, I believe that Rose owned additional property in Woodbine and collected rents. Perhaps she didn't want to share that information with the census taker.

In 1949, the relatives in this household earned $2,500 working for wages or salary. I'm sure it helped that Anita was working full-time.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Genealogy Blog as ... Bait

We genealogy bloggers often talk about blogs being cousin bait, meaning that relatives (known and unknown) search their ancestors' names on the Internet and our blog posts appear in the search results. They connect with the blogger and family history information is excitedly shared.

Well, blogs can be "bait" for those who may not be relatives but may have something of interest to share with us.

Years ago, I blogged about my husband's great-uncle Sam Handler, who ran several businesses in Cleveland, Ohio, over the years. At Workday Wednesday ~ Sam Handler, I shared what I had found in census records and city directories: he had run two different beverage companies during his many years in Cleveland.

At A Second Cousin Contacted Me, I shared my excitement about having a second cousin of my husband find my blog post about his grandfather, Sam Handler.

Sam died in California after moving there with his daughter and son-in-law.

This week, I received a package (actually mailed to the business address of the local historical society where I volunteer) with a bottle in it.

The following photographs are courtesy of my husband (and his light box):

Friday, July 2, 2021

Moved to a New Email Platform

I changed my email distribution method in May (before my Blogiversary post) because Feedburner (previously included with Blogger) is no longer emailing blog posts starting this month.

I moved my email list from Feedburner to Please be sure to confirm that you wish to continue receiving emails even though I haven't been blogging much. (Apologies for the duplicate message to those of you who confirmed your subscription after my Blogiversary post.)

One of these days when something new is discovered (or rediscovered), I may get inspired to share my success here and you won't want to miss it! should also be sending my posts to those who follow me via RSS so that shouldn't change (I hope, and that is one thing I'm checking).

Thanks for reading!