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1940 Census ~ Uncle Art is in New Jersey

My father-in-law's oldest brother, Arthur, was not living with the rest of the Handler family in Akron, Ohio in the 1940 US Census. In looking for Uncle Art in the 1940 US Census, I found the use of city directories invaluable, as there are no name indexes for the 1940 US Census yet. I used's U.S. City Directories 1821-1989 (Beta) and Summit County, Ohio Online Historical Directories. If you don't find your city in or you don't have an subscription, use your favorite search engine to see if a city directory for a certain year has been digitized. You never know what might be available online.

Summit County, Ohio Online Historical Directories
1937 Akron City Directory, p. 778
The 1937 Akron city directory is the last year that I find oldest brother, Arthur A. living at Rhodes Avenue. (He married Josephine in 1934.) They are in apt. 4 and the rest of the family is in apt. 1.

Summit County, Ohio Online Historical Directories
1939/40 Akron City Directory, p. 670
As you can see in the next city directory image, by the time of the 1939/40 Akron city directory, Arthur and Josephine were no longer living in Akron. No one remembered when Uncle Art moved to the Atlantic City area; it was thought to be in the early 1940's.

I then looked for Arthur Handler in the U.S. City Directories database and entered Atlantic City in the "Lived In" field, and there was Arth A. Handler (Josephine) at 134 N. Portland Avenue, Ventnor (the city just south of Atlantic City). U.S. City Directories 1821-1989 (Beta)
1938/39 Atlantic City Directory, p. 350
Uncle Art had been hired by Goodyear in Akron and it was Goodyear that had transferred him to Atlantic City by 1938.

Using Steve Morse's One-Step website, I found that the New Jersey Enumeration District for this neighborhood was 1-140. I paged through about ten images and found the family:

1940 U.S. Census, Atlantic City, Atlantic, New Jersey, Roll T627_2303, E.D. 1-140
page 5A, lines 26-29, household of Arthur Handler

Below are closeup images of the above census sheet.

Detail from 1940 U.S. Census, Arthur Handler family
These details show the 30-year-old Arthur, wife Josephine, and two Ohio-born daughters, the youngest age two.

And, as listed in the city directory, his occupation is Budget Manager at the Tire Company.

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