Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Barnett and Hannah Nappen

Or Woodbine Cemetery, Part 4...

I started this blog with photos of family members' gravestones in the Woodbine Brotherhood Cemetery, Woodbine, New Jersey:
Part 1 - Goldstein grandparents
Part 2 - Levitt
Part 3 - Goldstein uncle and aunt
Following is another gravestone of a 2nd great aunt and 2nd great uncle of my husband.

Hannah (Segal) Nappen was the sister of Golda (Segal) Levitt, whose gravestone is nearby. Their father was Simche Segel, whose death certificate indicates he was buried in Woodbine, but I have not found his gravestone.

The Hebrew for Hannah reads: Hannah daughter of the honored Simcha. The Hebrew for Barnett is possibly Dov son of the honored Mordechai. (Advice on Barnett's Hebrew name is welcome in the comments below.)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Matrilineal Monday ~ Hannah Segal Napadensky

Over a year ago, I shared passenger list records for Segal / Siegel ancestors. Golda / Goldie / Gussie Segal is my husband's great-grandmother. I have written about one sister, Rachel Segal, who married William (or Wolf) Seigal.

Closeup of Hannah Segal from
Segal family photo
Their younger sister was Hannah Segal.

I am not sure when she was born, as different records report different birth dates (between 1872-1876, in Russia). I do know she died on February 7, 1958, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The death date is on her gravestone, and I found her name and death date in the Pennsylvania death indices. (I have requested a copy of her death certificate, as her parents are ancestors of my husband and maybe her mother's name and her birthdate is listed, but I'm not holding my breath).

In 1893 or 1894, Hannah married Barnett Napadensky, also from Russia. According to census records, they had at least five children: Isadore / Israel / Edward (1895-1957), Lena (b. 1897), Isaac / Abraham / Albert (b. 1903), Gussie / Augusta (b. 1908) and Zelda (b. 1912), and possibly two who died young.

In 1900, the Napadenskys were living in Dennis Township, Cape May County, New Jersey (as Barney and Anna) with their children, Isadore and Lena. (Based on later records, I think Isadore should be listed as "son" not "daughter.") Note that the borough of Woodbine was not established until 1903, so my husband's Woodbine ancestors are found in Dennis Township in 1900.

1900 U.S. Census, Dennis Township, Cape May County, New Jersey; Roll: T623_960; Page 16B;
Lines 63-66. Record for family of Barney Napadensky.

Barney and Anna are listed as having been married for seven years and Anna has given birth to three children, two of whom are living. Barney and Anna were born in Russia and their children were born in New Jersey. Also noted in this census record: Barney immigrated in 1888, is a naturalized citizen and is working as a tailor in a factory (as just about everyone else on this page is).


Monday, January 14, 2013

Gussie Levitt in Springfield, Massachusetts

One of my husband's great uncles (Uncle Eddie Levitt, b. 1908) moved from Woodbine, New Jersey, to Springfield, Massachusetts, around 1934. I recently realized that I didn't have birth dates for his children, and I hadn't yet found his family in the 1940 US Census, so I thought I'd take a look for them in Springfield in 1940.

Detail from 1940 U.S. Census, Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, Roll T627_1709,
E. D. 22-100, Page 5B, Line 69, household of Edward Levitt

31-year-old, New Jersey born, Edward Levitt rents his apartment at 83 Walnut Street for $37 per month. His wife, Adele, is 26 and was born in New York. (She also happens to be the daughter of his older half-sister, Rebecca.) They both have four years of high school education. Their children are Sandra (age 6, born in New Jersey) and Marvin (age 5, born in Massachusetts). This is in error; actually it was just before his 3rd birthday. Also the last column shown here notes that they lived in the "same place" five years earlier (but not the same house).

Also noted in the 1940 census, but not shown in this image, is Edward's occupation, which was Proprietor of Radio Repair. In fact, there is still a Levitt's Television Center in Springfield, which evolved from Levitt's Radio Repair. My mother-in-law remembers that her uncle Eddie was very successful in Radio and Television repair.

Look who else is listed with this family: Gussie Levitt, grandmother, age 69 (born about 1871) and a widow. Although it states she was born in Massachusetts, she was born in Russia, and was a naturalized citizen. Funny thing is, she lived in Woodbine, New Jersey, and was enumerated there in the 1940 US Census as Goldie Levitt (with an incorrect age of 62).

So sometime in early April 1940, Gussie Levitt likely travelled up to Massachusetts to visit her youngest son and her grandchildren and got enumerated both in Woodbine, New Jersey and in Springfield, Massachusetts in the 1940 US Census.

Bubbie's Bubbie was enumerated twice in 1940!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Great-Grandmother Handler Married Twice

My husband's second cousin shared some information about great-grandmother Handler that answers some questions I have about her.

In the blog post, Different Names-Same Person, I share all the different records I've found for the given name of the mother of Joseph, Sam, and Regina Handler. (She immigrated to America in 1911 with a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson.) I found Rozalia, Roza, Szoli, Sali, and Sally, depending on the source.

In a subsequent post, Finding A Jewish Great-Grandmother, I share a death certificate that I found for Rosie Goodman and a burial record for Sally Handler at the JewishGen Online Burial Registry and the information looks like it's for the same person.

I now hear that Roza / Sali got married soon after arriving in America to a man with the last name of Goodman, but the marriage didn't last. I had found this marriage record at FamilySearch.org earlier in my research, but didn't know what to make of it.

Ancestry.com, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Marriage Records and Indexes, 1810-1973 (Provo, UT, USA, Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010), Volume: Vol 078-079; Page: 339; Year Range: 1911 Apr - 1911 Nov. Record for Rosalie Hendler and Samuel Goodman, November 1, 1911; Application No. 76356.

If it is true that my husband's great-grandmother got married to a Mr. Goodman, then some of the mysteries aren't so mysterious. The 1920 US Census record of Great Aunt Regina and Great Uncle Jake Solomon that includes Rose Goodman as "Mother" makes sense (though she is Regina's mother, not Jake's). And the death certificate that indicates Rosie Goodman was a widow and her deceased husband was Aaron makes some sense. The death certificate notes her father's name is Sam Goodman, but that is the name of her second husband.

Also according to my husband's second cousin, Rosalie Handler's husband Aaron was many years (at least 20) older than her and was her uncle.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Second Cousin Contacted Me!

Just a few days ago, a second cousin of my husband's found my blog and contacted me. He is a grandson of Sam and Sadie Handler. We spent over an hour on the phone talking about the Handler family. How exciting to find a relative who has as much interest in family history as I do!

He is interested in finding out more about the Electura Water and Beverage company that his grandfather founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1920's and likely found this Workday Wednesday post I wrote about Sam because I mention the Electura Water and Beverage Company and the Sante Beverage Company which he founded after Electura. I had found mention of these companies in Cleveland City Directories under his name.

Sam and Sadie
He also noticed the photograph I shared of Sam and Sadie because he has a copy of the same picture.

He has written about growing up in California with his grandparents at The Simon Story where you will see the same photograph.

This second cousin has shared quite a bit with me and I will share some of this in future blog posts.

Thank you Alan!