Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Second Cousin Contacted Me!

Just a few days ago, a second cousin of my husband's found my blog and contacted me. He is a grandson of Sam and Sadie Handler. We spent over an hour on the phone talking about the Handler family. How exciting to find a relative who has as much interest in family history as I do!

He is interested in finding out more about the Electura Water and Beverage company that his grandfather founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1920's and likely found this Workday Wednesday post I wrote about Sam because I mention the Electura Water and Beverage Company and the Sante Beverage Company which he founded after Electura. I had found mention of these companies in Cleveland City Directories under his name.

Sam and Sadie
He also noticed the photograph I shared of Sam and Sadie because he has a copy of the same picture.

He has written about growing up in California with his grandparents at The Simon Story where you will see the same photograph.

This second cousin has shared quite a bit with me and I will share some of this in future blog posts.

Thank you Alan!


  1. Congratulations, Elizabeth! It's great when blog-as-cousin-bait works. I was fortunate to locate genealogist 2nd cousin several years ago (early in my research) via JewishGen. It's wonderful to be able to share sources and ideas.

    1. Emily, yes it is amazing how many cousins, distant and close, have reached out to me through both my blogs. It's been lots of fun.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.