Wednesday, December 12, 2012

98 Years Ago ~ Wedding Wednesday

I have recently been writing about my husband's Great Aunt Regina and Great Uncle Jake Solomon. Not only have I found their marriage record, but a newspaper write up of their fiftieth anniversary celebration.

The following can be found at either or in the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Marriage Records:

Jake Solomon, age 28 and a cook, and Regina Handler, age 22 and a seamstress, were married on [Sunday] the 13th day of December 1914 by Rabbi H. A. Liebovitz.

Interestingly, since this document asks for the bride's mother's maiden name, and it is given as Rozalia Handler, I think that this is where the story of Handler cousins marrying each other comes from: The parents of Regina, Joseph, and Sam were Adolf Handler and Rozalia (or Roza or Szoli or Sali or Sally) Handler.


Fifty years later, in the December 13, 1964, issue of The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, comes the following notice:

From December 13, 1964, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio,
found at

A great find, as it confirms the names of the couple's children, as well as their addresses!


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    1. I have found lots of great items for Cuyahoga County and Summit County, Ohio. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I have a group of my family who ended up in Cuyahoga County - "my" half of the family settled in the Santa Cruz, CA area as Steen and the Ohio part of the family went by Stein. Maybe our ancestors' paths crossed there.

    1. However, the Goldsteins of my husband's family came through NYC from Romania and settled either there or in southern NJ. Ohio is where the extended Handler family settled.

      Thanks for continuing to read and to try to find that Goldstein connection!