Monday, February 17, 2014

Military Monday ~ Pineu Goldstein in Romania

I thank the volunteer Romanian translator at the JGSGB (Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Boston) "Annual Help Day" for the following translation.

The message on the left is translated as:
    On the occasion I
    was photographed for the military
    I send you this
    photo of mine
    as a memento.
    [Your] brother,
    Yassy [Romania] 15/3/928  [15 March 1928]

At right, it is addressed:
    Honorable Family
    Moise Goldstein
    New York

Now, I can't imagine that this was mailed like this - there were at least a couple dozen Morris Goldsteins in New York at this time. I'm guessing that this labeled photo was then placed in an envelope and mailed to my husband's grandfather.

The name Pineu Goldstein is not familiar to my mother-in-law. All she knew of this photo is that this was the the youngest brother of her father, Morris Goldstein, who "remained in Romania and became a Communist." And where we thought that only the brothers who emigrated to America (Max and Morris) changed their surname to Goldstein from Yancu, it appears that at least one of the brothers who remained in Romania had the Goldstein surname.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ Shmuel Leib's Family in Israel

I previously shared a bit about the Goldstein (or Yancu) cousins in Israel. The man in the photo below is Shmuel Leib, the younger brother of husband's maternal grandfather, Morris Goldstein.

The back of the photo has a note in Yiddish. Again, I am grateful for the JGSGB (Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston) "Annual Help Day" where members volunteered to help with translations, as well as those who helped out at the Tracing the Tribe Facebook page.

The translation of the Yiddish on the back of this photograph is:
    From me
    Ethel and
    both dear [or Bluma's or beautiful?]
    children for you
      Shmuel Leib
    15/1/67 [15 January 1967]

A couple of comments: 1. It is possible this photo was taken in 1964 (which is upside down at bottom left), and 2. "for you Rosa" refers to Rose (Levitt) Goldstein, who would have been the recipient of the photo, receiving it after her husband (and Shmuel Leib's brother), Morris Goldstein, died in 1965.