Monday, October 8, 2012

Amanuensis Monday ~ Sam Handler's Death Certificate

During this past summer, I learned a lot about my husband's great uncle, Sam Handler. I discovered that he was a successful businessman in Cleveland, Ohio, and that along with his wife, Sadie, daughter, Esther, and son-in-law, David Simon, he moved to California, where he died in June 1954.

His obituary noted that he died at his residence, Sherman Oaks, California, on June 8, 1954. It was very easy to download a form at the website for the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk and send away for his death certificate.

Closeup of the certificate is below:

Handwritten entries are in blue. My editorial comments are bracketed.

1. Name of Deceased:
    a. First Name: Sam
    c. Last Name: Handler
2. Date of Death:
a. Month-Day-Year: June 8, 1954
b. Hour: 2.05 pm
3. Sex: Male
4. Color or race: Cauc
5. Married
6. Date of Birth: Unknown [His Naturalization Papers indicate he was born December 27, 1887, in Hungary.]
7. Age (in years, last birthday): Abt 66 Years [accurate, based on the birthdate noted above]
8a. Usual Occupation: Manufacturer
8b. Kind of Business or Industry: Beverages [See his Workday Wednesday post.]
9. Birthplace: Yugoslavia [Should read Hungary]
10. Citizen of What Country: United States
11. Father's Name: Arthur Handler-Yugoslavia [I have his father's name as Aaron.]
12. Mother's Maiden Name: Sally Handler-Yugoslavia [I show several names for her.]
13. Name of Present Spouse (if married): Sadie Handler
14. Was Deceased Ever in U.S. Armed Forces: No
15. Social Security No.: 2?5-07-15?? [Hard to read]
16. Informant: Esther Simon [His daughter]
17. Place of Death:
    a. County: Los Angeles
    b. City or Town: N. Hollywood
    c. Length of Stay (in this city or town): ten years [so they moved about 1944, just after WWII]
    d. Full name of hospital or institution: North Hollywood Sanitarium
    e. Address: 12003 Riverside Dr.
18. Usual Residence:
a. State: California
b. County: Los Angeles
c. City or Town: Los Angeles
d. Street Address: 4854 Noble Ave.
19. Physician's or Coroner's Certification:
a. Coroner: -
b. Physician: I hereby certify that death occurred at the hour date and place stated above from the causes stated below and that I attended the deceased from: 5-4-54 to 6-8-54 and that I last saw the deceased alive on 6-8-54.
c. Signature: illegible
d. Address: 14401 Hamlin St., Van Nuys City
e. Date signed: 6-8-54
20. Funeral Director and Registrar:
a. Burial
b. Date: 6/9/54
c. Cemetery or Crematory: Beth Olam Cemetery
21. Not embalmed
22. Funeral Director: Glasband Mortuary
23. Date Received by Local Registrar: June 9, 1954 [I think]
24. Signature of Local Registrar: illegible
25. Cause of Death: Stomach Carcinoma [interestingly, my father-in-law, Sam's nephew, survived a bout of stomach cancer many years ago.]
      Approximate interval between onset and death: illegible [8 months?]
      No significant conditions; no operation; no autopsy; no death due to external violence

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