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Surname Saturday ~ Honenvald of Hungary

I am using the Surname Saturday prompt to review the ancestral lines for my husband's family.

The surname Honenvald is also found as Honevald, Huniwald, Honenwald and Honiwald. (Remember, in the 19th century and earlier, especially in Eastern Europe, spelling was not standardized and those writing these records were writing down names based on how they heard them.)

Thanks to the Family History Library, which has been microfilming (and now digitizing) records from around the world, I have been able to trace my husband's Hungarian ancestors for several generations through the vital records found on FHL microfilms.

Some post-1895 Hungarian Vital Records are indexed and can be found at FamilySearch in the Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980 database. However, Tolna district is not yet included in the indexed records, so you have to browse these records at the browse page for Hungary Civil Registration 1895-1980.

Hungary records before 1895 are only found on microfilm (at this time) and I have explored them for Hőgyész and Bonyhád. I have previously shared a few records that I found.

The earliest in this line that I have found is Moses Honevald, born in the very early 1800s. He is listed on his son's marriage record with his wife, Hany Bruk. Their residence is also listed on this record, but I'm having trouble deciphering it. (See image below.)

I don't know how many children Moses Honevald and Hany Bruk had or when and where they died.

Generation 2: Their son, Jacob, is found in several records, including his 14 November 1854 marriage record, the only record I have that shows his father's name:

Hőgyész, Tolna, Hungary, "Registers of Jewish births, marriages and deaths for Hőgyész (1842-1895)," 1854: Marriage no. 10. Jacob Honevald and Mari Weisz. November 14, 1854.; Family History Library microfilm. (Left side of page)

At this time, German was the language used in these records, however, at later times, it's Hungarian (Magyar).

The groom is Jacob Honevald, and I his occupation (in German) is Schneider Meister (Master Tailor). The next column lists the groom's parents: Moses Honevald and Hany Bruk, and their residence is hard to decipher (Gomkscho?). 22 is Jacob's age and the next line indicates that he is single.

To the right is the bride's name: Mari Weisz, born in Hőgyész, and the furthest right column has the bride's parents' names: Herrman Weisz and Lisi Pollack, and their residence, Hőgyész.

The couple lived in Hőgyész, Tolna, Hungary, where their eleven children were born.

I have not had luck finding his death, though I can estimate his birth year as about 1832, based on his age at his marriage.

Generation 3: Lentsi (Anna) Honevald, born on November 6, 1861, in Hőgyész, Tolna, Hungary, was the fourth child of Jacob and Marie.

Lentsi Honenvald married Samuel (Samu) Hollander on March 16, 1886, in Hőgyész. I shared their marriage record here. They ultimately settled in Bonyhád, where their five children were born.

I still need to explore the digitized records for the Hungarian Civil Registration, 1895-1980, as I noted above, where I might be able to find the death records for these ancestors in Hőgyész and Bonyhád.

Generation 4: Lena Hollander (1890-1983), the only surviving child of her parents.

Generation 5:
My father-in-law, still living.

Generation 6: My husband.

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