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Honevald Family in Hogyesz, Hungary

Tolna County, Hungary.
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As I noted in my last post, I have been researching Bubbie Lena's mother's family in the village of Hőgyész, Tolna, Hungary by way of a Family History Library microfilm. The names in parentheses below are variations on the names I have found (and there are many).

From birth and marriage records, I find that Jacob (Jakob) Honevald (Honewald, Honenwald) and his wife Marie (Mari) Weisz (Weiss), who were married on November 14, 1854, had the following eleven children. Not all were born in Hőgyész.
  • Johanna (Hany), born September 3, 1855. Married Salomon Heller on November 28, 1876. They moved to Bonyhád and had children born there.
  • Betti, born about 1856. Married David Weisz.
  • Moritz born about 1858. Married Sali Strasser.
  • Lentsi (Anna) born November 6, 1861. Married Samuel Hollander on March 16, 1886. They moved to Bonyhád and had children there, including my husband's grandmother, Lina Hollander.
  • Israel born June 5, 1863. Married Rozalie Fuhrmann on April 29, 1888.
  • Leopold born May 14, 1865. Died December 3, 1866.
  • Michel born November 15, 1866. Died December 15, 1866.
  • Rosi born December 31, 1867.
  • Rubi (Robi) born October 6, 1869.
  • Josef born May 7, 1871.
  • Sandor born November 23, 1873. Died August 23, 1874.

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