Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday ~ Honevald-Weisz, 1854

I shared a piece of this marriage record at Surname Saturday ~ Honevald. Here is the full page. Record number 10, at the bottom of this image is the 14 November 1854 marriage record for Jacob Honevald and Mari Weisz.

Hőgyész, Tolna, Hungary, "Registers of Jewish births, marriages and deaths for Hőgyész (1842-1895)," 1854: Marriage no. 10. Jacob Honevald and Mari Weisz. November 14, 1854.; Family History Library microfilm.

I shared the left-hand side in my last post:

The groom is Jacob Honevald, and his occupation (in German) is Schneider Meister (Master Tailor). The next column lists the groom's parents: Moses Honevald and Hany Bruk, and their residence is hard to decipher (Gomkscho? What are your thoughts?). 22 is Jacob's age and the next line indicates that he is single.

To the right is the bride's name: Mari Weisz, born in Hőgyész, and the furthest right column has the bride's parents' names: Herrman Weisz and Lisi Pollack, and their residence, Hőgyész. (I'm still trying to confirm what Kirschner represents under Lisi Pollak's name. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.)

The right-hand side of the marriage record:

Hőgyész is where Marie Weisz lives (and probably was born). She is 20 years old (born about 1834). The marriage date is November 14th, 1854, the last marriage recorded in 1854. The Hebrew above is the date in the Hebrew calendar: 5615 Chesvan 23 (using the Hebrew Calendar Calculator at

The last column has Herrman Weisz, David Honevald, and HG Rabbiner (see the comments below). I believe these are the witnesses and the officiant. (I wonder if David Honevald is related?)


  1. The rabbi of Hőgyész (Hoegyesz) was rabbi Zvi Hirsch Hermann Goitein. Probably it's his name.

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    1. Thank you for deciphering the handwriting and providing the additional information about the local rabbi.