Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ Romanian Wedding Couple 1929

Another of the many photographs from my mother-in-law that came from her father's family in Romania. This one happens to be dated 20/4/1929 (or April 20, 1929, for us Americans). I am sharing them here in hopes of reconnecting with this branch of my husband's family.

our dear brother
sister in law and children
Manase Lots (or soți)

Mister Moritz Goldstein
New York

Moische/Morris Goldstein was my mother-in-law's father. He was living in New York City with his wife, Rose, and two young children. (By the following year, the family had moved to Woodbine, New Jersey.)

Somehow, I doubt that this was mailed to Morris Goldstein in New York in this way, without an envelope. There were dozens of men by the name of Morris Goldstein in New York City in the 1920s...

If anyone has suggestions on the translation, feel free to comment.


  1. This is a beautiful photo! The bride's headdress and dress are gorgeous. The groom looks handsome and stylish. I hope you find out more!

    1. Yes this is a great wedding photo. I wish I knew exactly who the people were! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. There is a Romania group on FB---are you a member? Someone there might be able to translate. Or Tracing the Tribe---the Jewish genealogy FB group. Or post it on JewishGen for translation. If you aren't a member, I could try and post it in one of the groups for you.

    1. Yes, I got some assistance from the Romanian Genealogy Group on Facebook, as well as from a "Help Day" at the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Boston. There was no firm consensus on the translation.

      Thanks for reading and for the offer of assistance!