Monday, January 23, 2012

Mappy Monday ~ Handler and Hollander from Hungary

I've been writing about my husband's paternal grandparents, Josef Handler and Lena Hollander. They immigrated from Hungary in 1910 and 1911. I know Lena was born in Bonyhád, Hungary and naturalization records indicate that Josef Handler was born in Ilok, formerly in Hungary and now part of Croatia.

The following screenshot, from Google Maps, shows the locations of their birthplaces on a current map of eastern Europe.

From Google Maps
"A" represents Ilok, Croatia, and "B" represents Bonyhád, Hungary. They are about 180 kilometers (about 112 miles) apart.

In contrast, going back one generation, Lena's parents were born in towns much closer to each other. (Their birthplaces are indicated on Lena's birth record and her siblings' birth records.) Samuel Hollander was born in Bonyhád, Hungary, and his wife, Anna Honenváld, was born in Hőgyész, Hungary, about 27.6 kilometers (about 17 miles) north.

From Google Maps
In this map, "A" represents Hőgyész, Hungary, "B" represents Bonyhád, Hungary, and "C" represents Ilok, Croatia. I have added the country names in yellow because they did not appear on the map at this magnification.

If you want to have some fun looking at an interactive map of Europe throughout history, visit European History Interactive Map

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