Monday, January 16, 2012

(Almost) Amanuensis Monday ~ Birth Record for Samuel Hollander

An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. This is (Almost) Amanuensis Monday because below is an 1863 Hungarian record that is handwritten in German so I don't feel that I'm truly copying and translating exactly what is in this record; I'm just doing my best. 

I've written about finding the birth record for Bubbie Lena (Lina Hollander Handler) on a Family History Library microfilm of vital records for the Jewish residents of Bonyhád, Hungary. I also found at least four siblings of Lina's in Bonyhad's Jewish birth records up to 1895.

This very useful (for me) microfilm, "Registers of Jewish births, marriages and deaths for Bonyhád, Tolna, Hungary. Text in Hungarian and German." FHL microfilm no. 642923, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, starts with records in the late 1850's. Following is the birth record for Samuel Hollander, Lina's father.

The German handwritten headings are a challenge. At least the header is legible. Geburts Protocoll roughly translates to Birth Records. It also helps that I've looked at the later years' records with printed headings so I have an idea of what I'm looking at. Samuel's record is at the bottom of the page.

Close up of the left hand page
Year: 1863
No. 13
Name: Samuel Holländer
Birthdate: March 24, [March is indicated on an earlier birth; Samuel is the third birth in March.]
Gender: Male
Birth: Legitimate
Father: Leopold Holländer
Mother: Babette Kohn

To confirm that Babette's last name begins with the letter "K," I looked at other records on the page for names beginning with "K" and "R."

The difference between the capital letter "K" and "R" can be seen in these other examples from this page. "Katharine" doesn't have the big swoop to the left of the letter as you see in the name "Rosa."

Close up of the right hand page
Parents Home: B. No. 347 [I believe Bonyhád addresses at that time were simply house numbers.] 

Midwife: Julie Klein [Ditto - her name was on the above record.] 

Beschneidung translates to circumcision. It looks like the bris milah (ritual circumcision) was held on April 1 by Abraham Löwy and the family member participating was Abraham Kohn. It's likely that Abraham is a family member of Babette Kohn. 

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