Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Joseph and Lena Handler

Joseph and Lena Handler

Lena (Hollander) Handler

Joseph Handler, Isabelle (Brustein) Handler, Lena (Hollander) Handler
All I know for sure is that these photographs were taken in the early 1940's, most likely 1943 in Akron, Ohio. Isabelle married Louis Handler, Joseph and Lena's son, in September 1943, when he was likely home on leave. (Read about the Handler brothers' WWII service here.)

I would love to confirm the location of these photos. The Handlers were living on Rhodes Avenue at this time. Could these photos have been taken on Rhodes Avenue in September 1943? (Updated on March 10, 2012): After discussing this and other photos with my father-in-law, I can confirm that these photographs were taken on Rhodes Avenue in Akron, Ohio, and very likely in September 1943.

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