Sunday, March 29, 2015

Harry is Tzvi Hersch

My husband's parents got married in 1952. I scanned their ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) last summer. The digital image has been sitting in a folder waiting to be filed.

I took a look at it today and realized that their Hebrew names are on it. The following image is a small part of the entire ketubah:

However, I can't read Hebrew script, so I uploaded this section of the image to the Tracing the Tribe Facebook group (everyone is SO helpful there) and almost immediately received the following response to my translation request:

Tzvi Hersch son of Yosef the Levite. Bride is Ita daughter of Moshe.

(I already knew that Chana Ita is my mother-in-law's full Hebrew name.)

JewishGen has a Given Names Database, which I have previously explored. I returned to this search page today to see what it might tell me about the name Tzvi Hersch.

From the main page, scroll down and click on "Search on GNDBs" to read information about and instructions on how to use the database and what you can find. You'll see the following search screen:

In the image above, you'll see that in the European-to-Foreign Search, I selected "Hungary" from the European Country drop-down box and entered "Tzvi Hersch" in the SearchName field.

The result follows, showing that Harry is the Americanized version of the Hebrew name Tzvi Hersch: (In Hebrew: צבי הרש)

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