Monday, June 18, 2012

Amanuensis Monday ~ Morris Goldstein's Death Certificate

An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

I obtained this death certificate almost twenty years ago when I first started researching my husband's genealogy. I obtained this in Ventnor City Hall on the same day that I visited the Atlantic City Hall and obtained a death certificate for my husband's great grandfather, Max Levitt, as well as a death certificate for a great grandfather of mine who died in Atlantic City in 1931.

Handwritten entries are in blue. My editorial comments and additions are bracketed.

 1. Place of Death:
    a. County: Atlantic
    b. City: Ventnor
    c. Length of Stay (in this place): 4 yrs  [Prior to 1961, he lived in Woodbine.]
    d. If not in hospital or institution give street address or location: 118 N. Avolyn
 2. Usual Residence:
   a. State: NJ
   b. County: Atl. [Atlantic]
   c. City: Ventnor
   d. Street Address: 118 N. Avolyn Ave. [He and wife, Rose, lived with their daughter, son-in-law, and four grandsons.]
 3. Name of Deceased: Morris Goldstein
 4. Date of Death: Oct. 11, 1965
 5. Sex: Male
 6. Color or race: White
 7. Married
 8. Date of Birth: April 20, 1897
 9. Age: 68 years
10a. Usual Occupation: Retired
10b. Kind of Business or Industry: Tailor
11. Birthplace: Roumania
12. Citizen of What Country: - [I still haven't found his naturalization papers.]
13. Father's Name: Isaac Goldstein [He did not immigrate; he remained in Romaina.]
14. Mother's Maiden Name: Sarah Moskowitz [It's great when you get a maiden name!]
15. Was Deceased Ever in U.S. Armed Forces: - [Should be "yes" as he served in WWI.]
16. Social Security No.: -
17. Informant: -
18. Cause of Death: Acute Coronary Occlusion (5 min.) due to Coronary Heart Disease (6 yrs)

22. Indicates that the doctor had cared for him from December 1962, had last seen him alive on September 29, 1965, and that he died at 2:00 pm
23. Doctor's Signature: A. Bataglia, MD
23b. Address: 6505 Atlantic
23c. Date Signed: 10/13/65
24a. Burial
24b. Date: Oct 13, 1965
24c. Name of Cemetery: Woodbine Brotherhood
24d. Location (City, State): Woodbine, NJ [See photo of his stone here.]

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