Thursday, May 24, 2018

DNA Toolbox

I've been interested in DNA testing and analysis for several years (and for many genealogists, it takes several years to really understand how to use DNA).

At the top of my blog, I have added the tab called DNA Resources. Last year, I added a DNA Toolbox to my other blog, From Maine to Kentucky, and I thought that a DNA Toolbox would be helpful for me and my readers at this blog. Many of the resources are the same: links to my favorite genetic genealogy blogs and links to some online video resources, but, of course, on this blog, I include links to all the posts I have written about DNA in my research on my husband's family, as well as links to a couple of blogs that include posts about genetic genealogy with a Jewish focus.

I will add to this toolbox in the future when I find new resources for DNA.

If you have a great online resource for DNA, especially with regards to Jewish genetic genealogy, let me know and I will add it.

Remember, once your results are in (from whatever test you have taken), please upload them to, where you can take advantage of other DNA analysis tools and find cousins who have tested at other DNA companies.

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