Wednesday, February 21, 2018

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday ~ Half-Sisters and Half-Cousins

As I shared yesterday, I determined the relationship of my husband's newest DNA match and asked her if there were any photographs of ancestors that could be shared here.

Here is the tree I shared yesterday, showing the relationships:

Here are photographs of (on the left) Golda (Segal) Levitt, likely from the early 1950s and (on the right) her younger half-sister, Lena (Segal) Dlugatch in 1983:

And the next generation: on the left is the daughter of Golda, Rose (Levitt) Goldstein, in 1978. On the right are daughters of Lena, Molly and Sylvia, in 1980.

Maybe it needs a little bit of imagination, due to the age and quality of the photographs, but I think these ladies all look related.

Thank you to my husband's third cousin, H.K. and her father for sharing photographs from Lena (Segal) Dlugatch's side of the family.


  1. Definitely some similarities, especially the mouths. Glad you were able to get some photos!

    1. I agree that the mouths look similar. And getting and sharing photos is one of the great benefits of connecting with cousins! Thanks for reading and commenting.