Thursday, March 24, 2016

Birthplaces Pedigree ~ Jewish Ancestral Version

Many genealogists have been sharing this table for their ancestors, showing birthplaces for five generations. Mine can be found at my blog, From Maine to Kentucky. My ancestors for five generations were born in the U.S. so the blocks all show U.S. state names.

My husband's is different:

Only four born in the U.S. and the rest born in eastern Europe. I have recently discovered (on his death record) that his great grandfather, Aron / Adolf Handler was born in Bonyhad, Hungary, and I am making an assumption that his parents were born in Hungary.

I am also assuming that his maternal grandfather's parents and grandparents were all born in Romania.

You can see that the color is a paler shade where I am not positive about the birth location (Hungary, Romania, Galicia).

This is a fun exercise and genealogists have been posting these on Facebook for the past couple of days.