Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wedding Wednesday ~ Adolf Handler and Sali Handler, 1882

Here is another one of the records that the researcher from Šid, Serbia, shared with me.

This record, along with other records in this archives, helps to confirm the story that my husband's great-grandparents were related.

I have split the horizontal record into two sections, for easier reading.

Marriage Records
Current number = 9
Fiancé (Groom)
   Name and surname and birthplace = Aron Handler, from Ljuba, born in Bonyhad
   First and last name and place of residence of his parents = Leopold Handler and Juli Singer from Bonyhad
   Place of his residence = Ljuba
   age = 60
   unmarried / widowed / divorced = widowed [there is a mark in this column]
Fiancée (Bride)
   full name and birthplace = Sali Handler / Ilok
   First and last name and place of residence of her parents = Herman Handler / Hani Handler / Ilok
   Residence = Ilok

[Sali Handler's information continues]
   age = 24
   unmarried / widowed / divorced = unmarried [there is a mark in this column]
Date of marriage = May 7, 1882
Marriage location = Ilok
Witnesses to the marriage = Lazar Stern, Leopold Handler, Salamon Kohn

Sali married a second time in 1911 in Cleveland, Ohio. I shared that marriage record at Great-Grandmother Handler Married Twice.

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