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Surname Saturday ~ Moskowitz of Romania

I am using the Surname Saturday prompt to review the ancestral lines for my husband's family.

Abraham D. Moskowitz appears as the father of Morris Moskowitz on the 1904 New York City marriage license of Morris Moskowitz and Liza Blumenfeld.

Also on this marriage license is Morris' mother's maiden name: Chana Sharf.

New York, New York, Manhattan Marriages, FHL Microfilm 1556816, Certificate No. 13533.
Morris Moskowitz and Liza Blumenfeld, June 29, 1904.; Family History Library microfilm.

According to my mother-in-law, Morris Moskowitz was a brother of Sheva Moskowitz, so I am assuming that Sheva's parents were Abraham and Chana.

All I know about Abraham is that he lived in Romania, probably in Iași. He likely died before 1910, when Chana appears as Hanna Moskowitz in the 1910 U.S. Census as mother of Morris Moskowitz. I haven't found any more information on Chana/Hanna.

Generation 2: Sheva/Sarah Moskowitz lived in Iași, Romania, and was married to Isaac Goldstein. Family lore said that she came to America but was turned back because of health reasons, but I have never found proof of that story.

Sheva Moskowitz
I believe Sheva was the mother of seven children, whom I have listed before, but I list again here. I am not sure of the birth order except for those who immigrated to America:
  • Max (1892-1956) - lived in New York City and was the first to emigrate to America. I have written about him and his family.
  • Anna (1895-1918) - emigrated with Morris in 1914 and died in New York. I shared her death certificate here.
  • Moische / Morris (1897-1965) - see below.
  • Mendel - emigrated to Israel.
  • Shmuel-Leib Yancu - emigrated to Israel. See a photograph of him here and here.
  • Pineu Goldstein - remained in Romania. See his photograph here, though my mother-in-law always thought that this photograph was of the youngest brother.
  • Usher - is remembered as the youngest and he remained in Romania.
I believe Sheva died in the 1930s, when my mother-in-law remembers her father crying after he received a letter with the sad news.

She appears as Sarah Moskowitz on her son Morris' death certificate.

Generation 3: Morris Goldstein was born on April 20, 1897, in Iasi, Romania. He arrived in New York City in August 1914 and married Rose Levitt on August 26, 1922, in Woodbine, New Jersey. They lived in New York City for a few years, then lived in Woodbine, New Jersey, where he was buried after he died on October 11, 1965.

Generation 4: My mother-in-law.

Generation 5: My husband.

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