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Emanuel Levitas in Census Records, Part 2

This is a continuation of the census records for the family of Emanuel Levitas, my husband's second great uncle. See the family in 1895-1915 census records here.

1920 U.S. Federal Census

Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, Roll 1168, E.D. 945, Page 3A
2036 65th Street

Mathew Levitas is head of household, age 27, single, born in New Jersey. You can't see it in this image, but his occupation is Doctor.
Emanuel Levitas, father, age 55, born in Austria (mother tongue: German). His occupation is listed as a manufacturer of garters.
Sarah Levitas, mother, age 50, born in Russia (mother tongue: Jewish). Both Emanuel and Sarah are listed as having immigrated in 1888 and having been naturalized in 1891.
Hana Levitas, Mother-in-law (sic), age 85, born in Russia (mother tongue: Jewish). She is listed as widowed, having immigrated in 1870, and having been naturalized in 1875. She wouldn't be Mathew's mother-in-law, as he is not married, and I believe she is Sarah's mother, since she was born in Russia.


1925 New York State Census

Brooklyn, Kings, New York, page 47, line 36, 2036 65th Street

Emanuel Levitas, head, age 53, born in Austria, married 35 years, naturalized in 1902, occupation is Rubber Goods
Sarah Levitas, wife, age 54, born in Austria, married 35 years, occupation is Housework
Matthews Levitas, son, age 32, born in U.S., occupation is Physician


1930 U.S. Federal Census

Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, Roll 1522, E.D. 1371, page 3A , 7000 Bay Parkway

Emanuel Levitas, head, age 68, born in Austria, married at age 28. He owns his own home which is valued at $25,000. And in case you were wondering, his household did NOT own a radio. Additional information from this census that is not shown here is that his mother tongue is Yiddish, he immigrated in 1888, and his occupation is "Retired."
Sarah Levitas, wife, age 59, born in Russia, married at age 18. She is listed with mother tongue as Yiddish and as having immigrated in 1888.
Matthew S. Levitas, son, age 38, born in New York (should be New Jersey), single. His occupation is Physician.
Included in their household is a widowed housekeeper, 31-year-old Elizabeth Lehoisky, and her six-year-old daughter, Irene.

Daughter Lillian Messing is found a few pages away in Brooklyn, living with her husband, physician Max Messing, and daughter Claire.


1940 U.S. Federal Census

Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, Roll 2590, E.D. 24-1716, page 1A, line 1, 7000 Bay Parkway

Mathew S. Levitas, head, single, age 35 (should be 45), born in New Jersey, education was through five years of college. Additional information from this census that is not shown here is that his occupation is Medical Doctor in Private Practice.
Sarah Levitas, mother, widowed, age 60, born in Russia, naturalized citizen. The mark by her name indicates that she provided the household's information to the census taker.
Elizabeth Lehoisky is the housekeeper, age 40, born in New York. Interesting that here she is listed as married, when ten years before, she is listed as widowed.
Irene Lehoisky is Elizabeth's 16-year-old daughter, born in Connecticut.

Everyone in the household was living there in 1935.

Two households down the page, at 7016 Bay Parkway is Mathew Levitas' sister (and Sarah's daughter) Lillian Messing, with her husband Max and daughter Claire.

I will summarize by saying that I love when I can take a family and track it through census records; it is a great way to start to put the pieces together. I have found additional information for the members of this family, but I started with census records.

And to remind family members of how this family is related, Emanuel Levitas was the brother of Max Levitt; Matthew Levitas and Claire (Levitas) Messing were first cousins to Rose (Levitt) Goldstein and Claire Messing is second cousin to my husband's mother. I am researching siblings of Max Levitt to try to determine the birth location of the Levitt / Levitas family members.

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