Wednesday, August 14, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday ~ The Photo Genealogist Looks at Hollanders in Hungary

Last week, when I attended the IAJGS 2013 Conference, I had the opportunity to have Ava Cohn, the Photo Genealogist, take a look at a photo that I shared in May 2012. It is believed to be of the Hollander family in Bonyhad, Hungary.

As I noted in the original post, family members believed that the woman sitting on the left was the mother of Lena (Hollander) Handler, named Anna Honenvald (or Honevald). However, Ava took a look at this photo and the one I have of Lena with her first-born son, Arthur, which I also shared in May 2012,

Arthur Handler (b. 1910), and his mother, Lena (Hollander) Handler

and said that she couldn't be Lena's mother; there was no family resemblance. Ava does think that the woman who is standing in the group photograph is related to Lena and could be a sister. She also noted that the two men at the right look like father (sitting) and son (standing).

Ava agreed that the 1911 date of the photo of Arthur and Lena is accurate and feels that the group photo is from the 1920's, 1919 at the very earliest. As I noted when I originally shared this photo, I need to continue to explore Hungarian Civil Records at to learn more about the family who remained in Hungary and see if I can possibly identify anyone else in the above photo. My working theory is that this is Lena's sister and family and she sent the photo to Lena in Ohio to remember her family by.


  1. What a lovely family-- and I LOVE the little Edwardian sailor suit on Arthur! His mother was quite striking, wasn't she?

    1. These are great pictures of my husband's family members. Interestingly, I think that Lena looks kind of nervous in her portrait with her son. My guess is that she hadn't seen her husband in months, maybe almost a year, and she was going to America to settle down with her husband, not knowing the language and customs and leaving her family and friends behind.

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. Yes, she would certainly have had a lot to be nervous about! Imagine not seeing your husband for such a long time.