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Uncle Morton Levitt in 1940

My husband's grandmother, Rose, was one of four children of Max Levitt (about 1858 - 1935) and Golda Segal (about 1869 - 1952). I wrote about this family early on in my blog at Mystery Monday - Levitts in Woodbine, where I reviewed the family in the U.S. Federal Censuses from 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930.

I just realized that I had not found all of Rose's brothers in the 1940 Census, so I decided to see where they were.

In 1940, I found Morton Levitt in Woodbine at 603 Adams Avenue. His was the 129th household enumerated in this district.

1940 U.S. Federal Census, Woodbine, Cape May County, New Jersey;
Roll: T627_2324; E.D.: 5-48; Page: 8A; Line 5: Record for Morton Levitt

Morton, age 35, owned his home, which was worth about $2,500. The family lived in the "Same House" five years earlier, in 1935. His wife, Marian, is a year younger and was born in Pennsylvania. She had three years of high school education and Morton only had one year of high school education.

Son, Sheldon, was thirteen years old (and must have just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah), born in New Jersey, and had attended school during the past year. He had completed 7th grade.

Daughter, Barbara, was eight years old, and had completed 3rd grade. Interestingly, she was born in Pennsylvania, so it looks like the family had lived in Pennsylvania (likely the Philadelphia area) for a short time in the early '30's.

1940 U.S. Census for Morton Levitt
In this continuation of the 1940 census record, Morton's occupation was "Merchant for electrical appliances" and the industry "electrical appliances." He worked hard for his family. In the last week of March, he worked 80 hours (left-hand column). In the far right column, 51 indicates the number of weeks worked in 1939. He worked OA - on his own account - and managed to take a week off during the previous year.

In 1930, the family also lived on Adams Avenue, though no number is indicated in the 1930 census record. In 1930, Morton was a retail merchant in the radio industry.

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