Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Surprise in the 1910 Census

My husband's grandfather, Josef (Joseph / Joe) Handler, arrived in America on April 14, 1910. (See his passenger list record here.) His younger brother, Sam Handler, supposedly arrived in January 1905 (according to his naturalization papers), although I have not been able to find him on a passenger list.

Some 1910 Enumerator Instructions, from
"The 1910 Census was begun on 15 April 1910. The actual date of the enumeration appears on the heading of each page of the census schedule, but all responses were to reflect the individual's status as of 15 April, even if the status had changed between 15 April and the day of enumeration. For example, children born between 15 April and the day of enumeration were not to be listed, while individuals alive on 15 April but deceased when the enumerator arrived were to be counted."
So Josef Handler WAS in America as of the official 1910 census date of April 15, 1910 (having arrived the day before), though likely in New York City or on a train to Cleveland, Ohio. When the census enumerator arrived in Sam Handler's neighborhood at 2515 Woodland Avenue, in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 25, look who is included in his household:

Although the enumerator got the last name wrong (Hande should be Handler), this is the family of Sam (age 23) and Sadie (age 19) Handler (married in 1909), with their daughter, Esther, who was born earlier that year (note the age of 4/12). And also in the household is Joe, brother to the Head of Household, Sam.

Ger.-German references the birthplace and native language for Sam and Joe (incorrect, as we know from other records and family stories that they were born in Hungary).

Further to the right, we see that Sam reported that he arrived in the U.S. in 1906 and has his papers (on his way to becoming a citizen); Sadie arrived in 1909, and Joe arrived in 1910 (in fact, just eleven days earlier!). Sam and Sadie can speak English, but Joe is listed as speaking German, again probably should be Hungarian or Magyar. Sam's occupation is as a salesman in a Grocery Store.  It looks like Joe is probably looking to apply for a factory job.

I never thought I would find Josef Handler in the 1910 Census, but in doing research on his brother, Sam, I found him!

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