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Wedding Wednesday ~ Another Holländer Wedding in Hungary

I'm working my way through the Hungary, Civil Registration Records at FamilySearch to find records of family members of my husband's paternal grandmother, Lena (Hollander) Handler (1890-1983). My newest find is a marriage record for Lena's younger sister, Roza Hollander. (See Roza's Birth Record about halfway down my post about Lena's siblings' birth records. Roza was born on December 4, 1892 in Bonyhád, Tolna, Hungary.), Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980, Bonyhäd, Tolna, Hungary,
Marriages, (Házasultak) 1914-1917 (sic), image 157 of 190.
Record for Ernö Breuer and Roza Holländer, February 14, 1913.

The heading of the left-hand column reads: "A házasság-kötés helye és ideje (év, hó, nap)", which translates to "The bond of marriage place and date (year, month, day)" which, for Roza and Erno is in Bonyhád, on February 14, 1913.

A vőlegény: the groom.

Ernö Breuer's occupation looks like "kereskedősegéd", which translates to "trading assistant" in Google Translate. The izr- below his occupation indicates his religion.

Google Translate indicates that Ernö is Hungarian for Ernest.

Below that is his birthdate: May 29, 1887, in Bonyhád.

To the right are his parents' names: Sama- or Soma- Breuer and "néhai" Berta Tager. "Néhai" translates to "late" meaning that Ernö's mother was deceased at the time of his marriage.

A menyasszony: The bride.

Roza Holländer does not have an occupation. Her religion is indicated by izr-, and her birthdate here agrees with the birth record: December 4, 1892, in Bonyhád.

The column to the right names her parents: Sam[uel] Hollander and Anna Honenwald (or Honenvald?).

I find it interesting that the right-hand section, which has the header: "A házasságkötési tanuk családi és utóneve, lakhelye" (translates to "The marriage witnesses first and last name, home") indicates that one of the witnesses is Jakob Honenwald. This could be a relative of Anna Honenwald, the bride's mother, but I have yet to explore records from Hőgyész, the town that Anna came from.

May 2013 update: Jakob Honenwald is Roza's maternal grandfather, of Hőgyész.

There are not many stories handed down from this side of the family. What my father-in-law remembers from his youth is that his mother's family in Hungary would write to them, often asking for money because times were hard for them in Bonyhád.  Times were hard everywhere and the family in America did not always have money to send.

During the early 1940's, the letters stopped coming. It was in the spring and summer of 1944 when Bonyhád Jews were removed from their homes into a ghetto, and ultimately sent to Auschwitz.

By the time my mother-in-law got to know her husband's mother, Lena (known to the grandchildren as Bubbie Lena), all she ever said about her family was that she had a sister, but now she had no family - that they were all lost in the Holocaust.

Now that I know that Lena's sister married a man by the name of Breuer, I can start looking for that name in various records.

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